Analogue Tech and Beliefs

Is there an example in your life where you prefer the analog approach instead of a digital solution?

Regarding the preference of an analogue approach over a digital solution, an example I use daily would have to be my calendar/daily planner. I have attempted to utilize phone and computer apps in the past to automate my schedule and make things more efficient, however it never panned out or maintained its hold the way I had wanted it to. For me it was never about the complexity or interface of the apps, but that when I received a notification about and event or a reminder of an assignment, task, or meeting, I found myself getting annoyed by them and regularly dismissing the notifications. Switching to a physical planning book removed the option of dismissing a task or meeting, it forced me to write down all of my responsibilities for the day/week and thus better committing them to memory. Additionally, it forced me to develop an attachment to my planner and ensure that it went with me wherever I went, otherwise I would have no idea what my schedule held.

Have you ever given up a technology because of a belief or value you hold?

The simplest answer to this question is yes, I have given up a technology as a result of a belief. To be more specific, it’s not exactly a type of technology (i.e. computer, smartphone, television), but rather a brand of technology. I gave up on owning, utilizing, and supporting Apple products (outside of the iPhone). My reasoning for this is that with each new model of MacBook or iPad or Air Pod, the technological and hardware improvements/advances from generation to generation are minimal at best. Furthermore, the prices for these “new” devices alludes to a notion of significantly improved functionality, yet there is always a new type of charging port, charging cable, docking station, or power cube that forces consumers to purchase additional products. It is this type of forced consumerism that has led me to swear off the vast majority of Apple products.

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